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How to Renovate Your Life

August 20, 2023 The Local
The Local Vineyard Church Podcast
How to Renovate Your Life
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You're not alone in feeling stuck in your habits or unsatisfied with your current situation. But what if we told you that your dissatisfaction is actually the spark you need to instigate change? Just as Nehemiah from the Bible was confronted with the ruins of his hometown, you too can use your discomfort as a catalyst to create a better life.

Together, let's explore the power of prayer. It's much more than a ritual or recitation; it's an intimate conversation with God. Whether you choose to express your thoughts in a journal, through meditation, or even on a peaceful walk, God is always ready to provide guidance and inspiration. And remember, preparing for change requires as much focus as praying for it. Nehemiah teaches us the value of time and thorough planning as we seek opportunities to improve our lives.

Let's be brave and acknowledge our fears, just as Nehemiah did. Fear is a sign that we need to lean on God and His wisdom. We'll learn how to ask the right questions to plan for the future and set clear targets for your desires. Lastly, we'll rejoice in the power of the Holy Spirit to break free from negativity and recommit to Jesus, creating a positive future for ourselves. So, tune in, and let's embark on this journey together.

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Speaker 1:

Who in here has ever said to themselves I don't want to make my life better, I rather not make my life better, I rather be stuck where I am, stuck in my sadness, stuck in my fear, stuck in my? I don't think anyone really says that. However, we may not say that outward, but the way we live our lives sometimes will say the opposite. Have you ever wondered why we do stay stuck, why we allow bad habits to continue, why we hit the alarm button Uh-oh, over and over, even though we know we need to wake up on time, why we eat that extra cookie even though we really want to help your life, why we blame God for our missteps we take and why we have grief but we don't do anything to get help? This is what I want you to know. Anything in life worth having is worth planning for. Anything in life worth having is worth planning for. If you don't have a plan, then you don't want to improve, you just want to talk about it. And the problem is, I think oftentimes we're good at talking, but a plan brings steps to the things we want. So this is what we need to do. We need to get dissatisfied with our current situation. Here you go. You may be in here today and you are headed in the direction of life that you want to go to, but there's some little things you want to change, there's some little things you want to improve. There's some other people in here today, though You're about to dial 911 on life. You're not sure things are going the way you want. You're looking at your life. You're like this is not how I plan and this is the truth, though we have to get dissatisfied with your current situation. You got to get a burden. You got to get a burden. See, here you go. Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and your pillow wasn't comfortable? Or have you ever woke up and you're hot from your blanket? What do you do? What do you do? Do you just lay there and say I hope this changes eventually. I hope I don't get so hot anymore? No, you, what do you do? You make an adjustment. You change positions, you get in a more comfortable spot, and I'm going to tell you this Too many of us have been staying stuck in the same spot, wondering why we haven't seen the results we want when we haven't made a change of position. We have to get dissatisfied with where we are. We have to get uncomfortable with where we are and once we do, you adjust, you move, you reposition and then you can start taking a break, taking the steps to improve your life. There's a story in the Bible about a guy we want to follow. His name is Nehemiah that's a good name A guy named Nehemiah. Nehemiah held a high position in the King's court in Persia. He was the King's wine steward Sign me up, sounds like a good job to me. But he got a burden for his hometown in Jerusalem. Now the entire city of Jerusalem have been destroyed and there are no walls around the city to protect the city. And now this news burdened Nehemiah. And once he got a burden, nehemiah did something that most of us don't do. When he got a burden, he didn't want to just go and do something, go and change something, go and leave where he was. Nehemiah did something that most of us don't do, but the thing that most of us need to do, nehemiah looked on the inside. First Nehemiah got a burden and it changed something on the inside of him. He couldn't stay comfortable being the wine steward anymore. He couldn't be comfortable sipping on his good wine. He didn't have Francia no box wine there. Here you go. Don't start with all the externals around you, just start within you. If you want to change, you got to change something on the inside of you. You can't change him, you can't change her, you can't change that situation. You can't go back in time and redo. You can't reset, you can't restart, you don't get a do over, but you can change something on the inside of you. So if you are dissatisfied with something, you have to start looking on the inside for what's your next step. Here you go and then you write down a simple plan. Not to get confused with the band, you know when to listen to simple plan, okay, never mind. You write down a simple plan to get started and that's what we're going to do today. So today, as I'm talking, I want you to write some notes. Today, I want you to write some plans for your life. If there's anything in your life that you're dissatisfied about, if there's anything that you want to see an improvement on, I want to see you writing to that. I want to see you writing today Dang, that sounds aggressive, it's just because I love you. That's what we're going to do. We're gonna write something down today. Okay now, if you don't have a plan for a better future, you won't get there. If you don't have a plan for a better picture, you won't get there. And then you want to know what will happen to you if you don't come up with a plan for a better future. You're this drift. You're a drift to one thing to the next thing. You'll just be a drifter and drifting all around. So it's time for you to make some God inspired plans today. I'm feeling a little preachy today. I don't know if you notice I may lose my voice, but I'm going for it. Okay, here you go. It's time to make some God inspired plans. So how do we do that? We're gonna copy Nehemiah. Come on, we ain't gonna reinvent anything. We're gonna copy what Nehemiah did. Nehemiah desperately wants to return to his home, israel, to rebuild the walls of the city of Jerusalem. But he has a very important and a very comfortable job working as a steward of wine for the king of Persia. So he couldn't just walk up to the king and say hey, king, here's my two weeks notice, I'm out, I gotta go. No, no, he couldn't do that. He had to develop a plan, and the plan he came up with is something that we can model for a life plan For us too. So you got one. I'm gonna be practical today. I'm gonna be practical and preachy. Come on, and I got seven steps today. That sounds like a lot, but it ain't Seven steps. Okay, here's the first step. You can write this one down, the first step. Step one pray and ask for God's favor. Pray and ask for God's favor if you want to plan to improve your life. Spend daily time with God. Spend daily time with God. You got to pray and ask for God's favor on your life, god's favor and his grace in your life. And here's the first thing Nehemiah does. Nehemiah 111 says this oh Lord, please hear my prayer and listen to the prayers of all your servants who love, who love, who love to honor you. Give your servants success today by granting him favor in the king's presence. In those days I was the king's wine servant. Now, this pie wasn't a very stressful job. I would imagine it. I mean, he pours the wine. He tasted wine, mmm delicious and then he serves the wine. He has a good. He has a good gig going on here. Okay, this is a pretty good job Hanging with the king. He's, he's, he's in the room he's in, he's in the room where everyone's talking. I mean, he's, he's how it's good for him. He's. The taste in tasting stuff is good. See, maybe, maybe, just maybe, you're thinking I don't have a clear idea what I want to do in my future. Maybe you think I don't know what I want to do next week. I don't know what I want for the next six months or year or the year in my life. Here you go, that's okay. You're saying I don't even know what to pray about and this is what I want you to do. That's your prayer. If you don't know what to pray about, that's your prayer. Your prayer is this God, help me find a drive for my future. Help me find a plan for my future. Let me demystify prayer for you for a little bit. Okay, prayer isn't like this mystical thing and it's crazy thing you got to do for hours at a time. It can't go. It can't be that way. But it's not. Prayer isn't something that we got to say the same phrase Regularly for God to hear, and it's nothing wrong with routine prayers. That's not what prayer is and in the same way, it's not you got to kneel down everywhere and pray. You want to know what prayers? Prayers is talking to God. Prayer is talking to God and you can pray. Here you go. You can pray by journal writing. You can pray by breathing. Prayers by breath, prayers, meditation, going on a walk. Imagine this going on and walking, not bringing your AirPods, and just talking to God, scheduling intentional time of silence. Paul said this is a possible. Tells us. Pray without ceasing Meaning. Pray all the time. Pray all time. Check out with James. 1, 5 says this if you want to know what God wants you to do, here you go, just ask him, ask him. Yeah, ask him. Just ask him and he will. He will gladly tell you, for he is what, always Ready to give a generous supply of wisdom to all who has him. And what is wisdom? Wisdom is knowing life is connected, that what I did yesterday is gonna affect my tomorrow. Wisdom in God is generous at giving wisdom. I don't know what my plan is. I don't know my dream, I don't know my vision, I don't know my next step. And let me say this real fast this isn't a message just for youth and young people. I Want to make this clear. This isn't like a message for youth and young people like oh, what are you gonna do? Go to college, you're gonna find your plan, find your career. No, no, no. If you're a sage in here today, if you're a seasoned believer if you're, if you're someone who's been through it, if let me put it this way God's dream for your future isn't for you to sit down watching TV all day and getting caught up on the latest daytime television. That isn't God's dream for your life, because if you got breath in your lungs, god's not done with you. I'm gonna tell you this because there's a world that needs the wisdom that you have, that needs a life Experience that you carry, that needs the encouragement that you can give. There's young people who are craving and desperate for the love of Mentors in their lives, and I'm gonna let you know God's best for you ain't on that couch. I Just gotta be honest, because sometimes we talk about church and sometimes we talk about being a difference makers. Why are we sitting down doing nothing? I'm so. I'm feeling a little froggy today, guys. I'm feeling a little froggy because, even like the song we just sang, we can't forget how faithful he is. We can't forget how good he is, because when we forget, we say back and we do nothing. When God wants us to make a difference with people who are making difference by doing something that makes a difference, we got to make a plan. He won't catch me sitting down watching the view. Once you start asking God for wisdom and direction, he'll put an idea in your head. He'll put a burden on your heart. He'll put a burden on your heart and God puts this burden in the knee of my his heart to see his homeland rebuilt. What he needs, that's what he wants to do and this is what I want to ask you what needs to be rebuilt in your life, what needs to be restored in your life, in your family and your community and your city and your nation? And I'm telling you, when you pray and ask for God's favor, he will give you a burden for something. Step 2 Prepare for an opportunity and wait, wait for it. Wait. Now get me singing Hamilton up in here. You got to wait for it. God may want me to do this for my family, for my company, for my workplace, for my church, for my community. You start preparing for an opportunity and then wait. Think of it. I don't sound that fun waiting. You want me to go to DMV? I don't, I don't, because that's hell on earth. I'm joking, I'm not. You start preparing and you wait. Take out what Nehemiah says he got a burden. And then he says four months later, four months later, when the king was dying and I took the wine to him when you start praying for a vision, when you start praying for a dream, when you start praying for a goal, for a plan, it doesn't come instantly. It doesn't always come instantly, because God's not a vending machine. He's waiting to see how diligent you will be. Four months later, he gets the opportunity. What was Nehemiah doing in those four months? Was he just sitting around Watching television? Sitting around scrolling through mindless social media 2.5 hours a day? Was he sitting around? No, no, no. You want to know what he was doing. For four months, he was praying and planning and preparing. He was praying, planning and preparing. We know that based on the way he responded to the king. When the king asked what do you want me to do, nehemiah was able to respond with a clear plan. You need time to think, and this is the problem. Sometimes we're like Pastor Jacob. Yeah, I get that, but I prayed all day. I prayed for a whole day, a day. I mean that's good, that's great. One time my brother told me this and it was so funny. He said to me people get mad at God when God doesn't answer prayers, when they haven't even prayed to God for a long time. Then the moment they prayed to God, they're like God, where are you at? And God's just wondering the whole time. Is that your voice? I'm glad you came back, see, see, see, we can pray for a whole day and we're like God. You haven't showed up yet and we can get upset. And here you go. We got to stop handing God our blueprints for life and start asking God for His blueprints for our lives, because sometimes the reason why God's not answering the prayer that you want them to answer is because it's not the plan he asked for you. You got to make time to think and pray before you just jump. Our verse 13, 16 says a wise man thinks ahead. A fool does it, and he even brags about it. A wise man knows that life is what a wise woman, too, knows, that life is what connected what I do yesterday will go affect my tomorrow. It's wise to spend time thinking about your life, and this is what I want to say we are not in a sprint, you are not in a sprint. Don't confuse cultural norms of instant mashed potatoes with God's purpose for your life. Because we have instant mashed potatoes doesn't mean God wants to instantly answer that prayer. I got to make this make sense for you Because we bought into the lie of the instant, when God is not the God of the instant all the time sometimes, but not all the times, but he's more so the God of diligence. Come to me, come to me All who are a rarian burden. So you got to ask write these down. You got to ask yourself where am I now, where do I want to be and how do I get there? Where am I now, where do I want to be and how do I get there? And you got to think and pray about these things and ask the Holy Spirit to be in. He's thinking about, and he got to be in mind. He's thinking about these things. He's thinking where am I, where do I want to be and how do I get there? And when the opportunity came, he was ready to answer. Step number three is this Expect fear, but don't let it stop you. Expect fear, but don't let it stop you. I got to say to that if you're doing things in your life and there's not even like a small measure of like ugh, I hope that works out. If there's not even a small like ugh, that's kind of risky. If there's not even a small measure of fear there, I will ask you to reconsider, because you might not be dreaming a God-sized dream. Fear is an indicator that we need to depend on God. My voice is cracked Like I'm in middle school all over again. Okay, I'm so excited because I am. Nehemiah 2.1 says this when Keenaw's is dying and I took the wine to him and he had never seen me look sad before. So he asked why are you so sad? Your heart must be troubled. That made me very afraid, okay. Okay, let me break this down. This is the moment Nehemiah is waiting for. He's been praying and planning for the opportunity. Notice how the text said his face was sad. Now, this isn't him being Eor on the job. Whoa to me, I got to do another report at work. Now, this is not him doing that. This is him hoping for God to do something, but it hasn't happened yet. This is him hoping for God to do something, but he hasn't seen God move yet. And haven't we all been there Hoping for God to do something in our lives with our kids and our families and our finances? But we haven't seen it yet. And can that thing weigh you down a little bit? Can that burden get heavy? This is where he's at, and so he's beginning to get weighed down by the burden that's on his life. And I say something one more time about this If you don't have a burden that's weighing you down, start praying for it. Here you go. I'm going to make it clear. I want to make this so clear. Why did we start a church? Why are we out here? Because we want to see everyday people learn how to become Jesus followers. And the reason why we want to see everyday people learn how to become Jesus followers? Because, in record numbers, people are walking away from church and because of that, the opportunity that we see is that if we can help people connect to an authentic relationship with God, it will help them navigate the complexities of life and find freedom and victory in a real relationship with God. And what else do we win? What else do we win? If everyday people learn how to become Jesus followers? We'll future generations of Jesus followers and the world changes. So you got to get a burden. That's my burden, that's the burden that I carry everyday. The King says. The King says why are you so sad? And Nehemiah says he was afraid because in those days it was a capital crime to be sad before the King. They didn't believe in all that wellness stuff. They didn't have an invest in yourself day. Back then. God didn't want the king, didn't want any downers. Turn that frown. The king baby Don't be coming out here all sad. He didn't know how to do all those workshops back then. It was a real gamble for Nehemiah to show his real emotions. If the king didn't like his request, he wouldn't like Nehemiah and then he would stand before the king, who basically controls his life, or his life or death is understandable that he's afraid. Here's the principle. Here's the principle I want you to get. Move ahead despite your fears. Move ahead despite your fears. It's again. It's a myth that people think people who want with God aren't afraid. No, no, just because you want with God doesn't mean you're absent of fear. Fear is a part of life and often we fear the things we can't control. We fear what's going to happen with our kids or our families, or our work or our finances. We fear things that we can't control. And then what we discover? Even the things that we think we can control, we can't control those things either. Courage is when you are afraid and you move ahead anyway. So what do you do with fear? Nehemiah did this. He admitted his feelings. Just admit it. Just say it, it's okay, I'm afraid about this. He admitted his feelings. Check this out. Nehemiah says I was scared, but I replied Long live the king. That's a good line. Long live the king. Why shouldn't I be sad, for the city where my ancestors are buried lies and ruins and his gates have been burned down? He admits his feelings. You can't bury your feelings. Hey, I just want you to know something you can't bury your feelings because if you try to bury them, they're going to come out in ways you don't want and they're going to get all over people you don't want to hurt. Can't bury them. If you sad, admit it. Hurting, admit it, stressed out, admit it. You got to admit it. You got to talk to God. You got to talk to people you love. The first thing he did, the second thing he did he prayed quickly before speaking, and that can save a lot of marriages too. He prays quickly before he speaks. Now I want you to see this. He prays what John Wimber would call the faith prayer, which goes like help, help me, god, help, I just need help, check this out. He says. The king replied to me well, what is it you want? Then I prayed again to the God of heaven. He didn't say, oh well, hold on real fast, Let me go to my prayer closet. He did what the apostle Paul told us to do Pray without ceasing. Pray in that moment. Are you feeling stressed? Pray. Does someone say something to you that hurt you? Pray. Are your kids driving you crazy? Pray. Pray, right then and there, right then and there. Sometimes a prayer can be just that one word help. Fourth thing establish a clear target. Bethany, you can come on up and hurry me along, actually, okay, establish a clear target. This is the next verse. You're praying. I answer if it pleases your majesty, and if your servant has found favor in your sight, send me to the city in Judah where my ancestors are buried, so I can rebuild it. Notice how specific Nehemiah was with his response, because he had a clear win in mind. See, I have a personal, aaron and I, we have a clear win for our parenting. We know exactly what we know our win for our parenting. So, everything we do as parents, we're trying to achieve this win. And our win as parents is this when our kids are old enough and they don't have to be around us, they want to be around us. That's our win. When they're old enough and they don't have to be around us, they want to be around us. And again, like I mentioned for the church, I have a clear win to see everyday people learn how to become Jesus followers. That's our goal. That everything we do is. We're trying to help the everyday person learn how to follow Jesus. That's our goal. Now, I love how Nehemiah has this opportunity and he doesn't say, uh, I guess to go to Jerusalem and see what's going on. No, no, he had a clear win. And so for you today, I want to ask you this question what is your clear win? What is your clear win? And if you don't have one, the world will give you one. The world will say the win that you need oh, you need to make more money. Oh, you need to find importance at your job, so does climb the corporate ladder, even if it means neglecting the people you care about. Oh, just just have more sex, have that secret affair, lie to people, get what you want, do you? If you don't have a clear win, satan is happy to give you his and he will champion you on. The problem is often Satan is a better cheerleader than the church. Let me say that one more time because I want not to hit you. Oftentimes, satan is a better cheerleader than the church, and the church sometimes gets too caught up. Oh, they ain't doing this and they're doing that and they're doing this. And that we got a cheer for the dreams that God puts in people's lives and champion them on. Parents, parents, I'll even tell you this don't just be a how parent, be a wow parent. Wow, that sounds good. How can I help you? How can I help you do this? We got a cheered people on. He knew his win. What's your win here? He's got a simple question to ask Next year, where do I want to be Next year? Who do I want to be? These are the questions you have to ask yourself. And here you go, instead of just setting goals and goals are good, but instead of just setting goals, why not become the person God wants you to be. Why not participate in becoming who God wants you to be? For example, you want to be healthy. Start becoming a person who eats healthy. Start with lunch. At lunch, I will eat something healthy. You do that for a week or two, and then what happens? You start to become a person who eats healthy. Then, after a couple of weeks, you say I'm gonna cut off soda. You started to get soda out your diet, slowly, over time. What You're becoming the person God wants you to be. I'm gonna tell you this guys, start becoming the person that God wants you to be. One small step at a time, one small thing at a time. You say I wanna pray more. Pray just once a day. Oh, I wanna be more encouraging to my spouse. Say I love you once a day. Put a reminder in your phone. What good is an iPhone if you don't have nothing good? A good reminder in it To remind you to do something positive? Here you go, have a God-sized dream. Step five is this set a deadline. Here you go, set a deadline. This is what I mean by this. When you have a goal, when you have a goal in mind, you gotta give yourself that little bit of a deadline and say, hey, I'm gonna achieve it by this. Check out what Nehemiah says. Then the king the queen sitting beside him asked how long were your work take and when will you get back? The king was willing to send me, so I set a time. You gotta schedule your life plans, know what you want to do and when you wanna get it done. Nehemiah ended up being gone for 12 years and then he came back. A dream, here you go. A dream without a deadline is just a wish, and this ain't Disney World, y'all. Number six anticipate the barriers you'll face. Anticipate the barriers our face. When I asked the king to give me letters from the governors in territories west of the river giving me safe travel to Judah, I also asked and I want you to get this I also asked for a letter to the keeper of the king's royal force, instructed him to supply me with the timber I needed to rebuild the gates of the city, the city walls, and for a house come on, to live in. This man had a plan. This is while he asked the king where he was just afraid Come on, come on. He was just afraid two seconds ago, but for four months he's been praying and planning For four. He got a burden. He's been praying and planning. When the opportunity came, he was afraid, but he was becoming the person God wanted him to become. And so when the king asked him well, what do you need? Because he was praying and planning, he said well, by the way, since you asked, king, can you talk to your forest creatures and get me some timber for the wall? And, man, I need a little tiny house too. You think you can hook me up with that. And the king was like yeah, I mean, if you need that, go ahead, go ahead, and this is what I want you to see. He asked for permission, he asked for protection, he asked for provision. He was asked on the spot what do you want? And he already thought it through when the opportunity came. And this is what the proverb say a sensible man looks for the problems ahead and prepares to meet them. Meet your problems head on, knowing that your God is bigger than that problem. The wisest risks you can take come after prayer and planning. Let me ask you this do you have a plan for your spiritual growth? We make health plans, diet plans, vacation plans, but we neglect the thing that will actually get us the results we want, and that's our spirit, that's our soul. Do you have a plan for your spiritual growth? Maybe it's reading through the New Testament in a year, a thankfulness journal, setting aside a time of day. You maybe do you have a plan to invite that person to church? Maybe invite them over for dinner first, get to know them, build a relationship and then you invite them to church. Don't just coast in your spiritual growth, you gotta plan it out. Jesus says this. He says but seek first the kingdom and his righteousness and all these things, all these things will be given to you as well. I think when we start planning our lives through prayer. Once you get this, listen to me, when we start to plan our lives through prayer, god aligns our heart with his heart and, instead of building your own kingdom, god will use you to advance his kingdom to the ends of the earth. Did you know that you can leave a legacy that outlifts you, that you can love a person, disciple a person, mentor a person who then goes on and mentors a person, who then goes on and mentors another person who then goes on and mentors another person, and it goes along and it starts with you saying I'm gonna make a plan to make a difference in my life. Last one is this step seven trust God to meet all my needs. And my favorite part is this Nehemiah asks us to pagan God for permission, for protection and provision, and God uses an unlikely person to supply everything Nehemiah needs. And I want you to know the pain that you've been through, the hurt that you've been through, the betrayal that you have faced, the heartache that you have gone through. God will use even those things, the unlikely things, the things that you thought were gonna put you out, take you out and keep you out of the game. God will use those things to build, hit your life upon and bring you to the place that he wants you to be. And in friends I'm gonna tell you this in all things and everything in my load and in my hide, in the mountain and in the valley, I will trust God because he's the one that supplies my needs. When I seek first his kingdom, he provides for me and friends. Let it be known of us that we are people that seek his kingdom first. Nehemiah 2.8,. Because God's gracious favor was on me. The king gave me everything. I asked for everything. What's this wine steward trying to go out and rebuild a wall? He not Tim the toolman, taylor, he ain't Bob the builder. What does he know about building a wall? He knows about the latest vintage. But when God gives you a burden, it doesn't always make sense, does it? When God gives you a passion for something, when God drops something in your heart and in your head and says I wanna use you for that thing, my prayer, church, is that we will be a church filled with faith and says God wants me to do what Me In my education, in my background, in my problems, in my pains, in my missteps, in my mistakes, in my fears, in my anxiety, in my lows he wants to use all of that and rebuild a wall. Yeah, yeah, he does. Because if you're willing to make a plan the prayer if you're willing to get a burden, if you're willing to get a little dissatisfied with where you are right now, god will use you to move mountains, and it's not something we just sing about, but it's something we do about. So, jesus, god, holy Spirit, we ask for more of you. We ask for you to increase as we decrease. We ask for you, lord, to give us a vision, to give us a plan for our futures, lord. Make us uncomfortable, make us dissatisfied with where we are. Put a burden on us and lead us, lord. Lead us to the place you want us to go. As for right now, the Holy Spirit's saying to someone he's moving mountains out your way. He's moving mountains out your way. He's moving mountains out your way. He's moving mountains out your way, specifically a mountain of depression and demonization. You keep repeating things to yourself. You don't even know where that pops up in your head and I feel like the Holy Spirit is saying freedom in the name of Jesus for you. You have been in the valley season for way too long and I have this picture of you keep drinking water for your valley season and the Lord is saying stop going to that fountain. Come to me, I'm the fountain that never runs dry. Come, holy Spirit. Do what only you can do. Lord and God, we pray for a burden for those who are far from you To come to know you. If you're in here today and you're like Jacob, that sounds good, but I don't know this Jesus you're talking about. If you want to make a decision to trust Jesus with your life or recommit your life back to Jesus. I just want to pray for you right now. I'm not going to call you out how you come up front, nothing like that. Just right where you are. If you want to make a decision to trust Jesus with your life or trust Him again, right where you are, pray this prayer with me. You can say it out loud or say it in your heart. Just say Jesus, forgive me for my sins, make me new Today. I trust you with my life Today. I follow you in Jesus' name, amen, amen. Let's give God some praise in here today.

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